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Why Travel Agencies in Australia Are revenue Generation Entities

Travel agencies in Australia remain constantly engaged in catering to customers’ demands. Be it ticketing, facilitating visa extension, arranging for hotel bookings or only picking up guests from airport, these agencies execute all such functions. Travel agents in Australia have well endowed offices with all infrastructural facilities like computer network, communication set-up, office automation equipments, internet access, and stationeries. In addition, several professionals like interior designers, electricians, furnishers, and wood workers offer their services to travel agencies. In case you belong to any one of these, it would be wise to acquire mailing lists and e-mailing lists of travel agencies in Australia. These lists would help you in setting up business association with Australian travel agencies.

For reaching out to these travel service providers you need to adopt a combination of both online and offline publicity techniques. Offline techniques are easier to exercise as these are conventional. Printing and distribution of brochures, sending mailers, putting up hoardings, and giving advertisements in newspapers are conventional publicity tools and used widely by marketers and sellers of goods and services. However these have limitation in this generation of online trade and commerce and need to be complemented with online methods. Travel agents business e-mail addresses, directory and database form the working tools of online advertising.

Suppliers and marketers prefer online avenues because of their phenomenal reach. If offline methods are confined to a city, region or even a country, the coverage of an online avenue extends to every corner of the globe. Surprisingly it does not take anything extra for this worldwide coverage. Further, an online method helps you in establishing a closer association with an end-user. Here you get an opportunity to interact with your potential customer directly. A direct interaction helps in finding out the likes and preferences of your customers and a solution could be sought immediately.

For addressing your target audience you should make good use of mailing lists and e-mail lists of travel agencies in Australia. Offline publicity should be restricted to very few potential clients; in fact, it should be limited to travel agents that know you personally. Or else, it is better to adopt online methods. In online advertising you could select several prospective buyers and send e-mails or online brochures. As these are soft copies they do not add to your costs. For cost effectiveness and extensive market coverage always insist on travel agents business e-mail addresses, directory and database. For USA lists please click here

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Rules That You Should Break To Expand Your Mailing List!



When you need success in email marketing, there are several things that needs to be considered, like making a creative copy, crafting a catchy subject line and placing an irresistible offer. But, if you do not have proper travel agents mailing lists to send your messages to, all the other elements involved in creating a good email can go to waste.


So, how do you develop your email list? What are the various rules that you need to follow? Well, instead of asking you to follow some of the common rules, here, you are being asked to reject some of the popular traditional practices involved in email marketing.


Here’s are a few email marketing rules that you should break and why?


  • Do not use a pop-up for collecting email addresses

Do you remember the younger days of the internet when our computer screens used to get flooded with pop-ups all of a sudden, how annoying were those boxes to remove! Well, pop-ups are still there today, but thanks to pop-up blockers, we seldom get to see them these days.

Marketers, these days are using a less intrusive and more sophisticated version of pop-up, which is known as popover. This is a box that appears on a web page, asking a question. The popovers are set to appear only after a certain span of time, a fixed number of page views or when people have visited the website after a set number of days.

Popovers should be simple and light. So, do not clutter it with words, but keep it humorous.

  • You should always have a double confirmation

Imagine you have gone to buy the latest MacBook; you walk into the store, grab the product, walk to the billing counter and pull your credit card from your wallet, only to listen to “We are sorry Madam, we cannot sell the product now. We shall be sending you an email, in which you need to click the link; only then you shall get the MacBook”.

You will find that man crazy, won’t you? Ideally a marketer should stop the moment a customer says ‘yes’. Such a scenario is evident in websites that want users to click in a link they have received in order to get themselves added into the travel agencies mailing lists.

Double confirmation is an unnecessary barrier. Instead of doing that, send a thank you or welcome email to the user who has agreed to receive your emails.

There are certain misconceptions regarding CAN-SPAM of 2003: the first national standards regarding sending mails in the United States of America. It is about permission-seeking before sending email to a user. While certain countries, like Canada, are altering laws for requiring permission, it is still legal to send emails in the United States of America, without having to ask for permission from the recipient.

Instead of asking people to opt-in, you can ask them to opt-out. History says that, most users under such circumstances, do not choose to opt out.


So, the next time you plan for an email marketing campaign, make sure you break the above mentioned rules. You will make much more elaborate mailing lists that way.

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